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Assign Mirror is a small tool that is mirror the assign statement ( replace the left side with the right side and the right side with left side )

Usage : assume you are writing a code in your database application to read the values from your business object and puts the values in a controls on your form ( about 30 field ) and now you want to save the values form the form controls to your object so you can save it in the database again , the fast method will be by copying your previous code and change the left side of the assign operator with the right side .

but if you have a tool that make this for you, you are going to save time and type mistakes :)

The Code :

create as GUI like the bellow screen shoot

Then add the following code to the ( Mirror ) Button

bool mAddSemicolon = false;
foreach (string mStr in txtMirrorSource.Lines)
    if (mStr.Contains("="))
        string mTempStr = "";

        if (mStr.Contains("//"))
           mTempStr = mStr.Substring(0, mStr.IndexOf("//")).Trim();
        else if (mStr.Contains(";"))
           mTempStr = mStr.Substring(0, mStr.IndexOf(";") + 1);
           mTempStr = mStr.Trim();

        mAddSemicolon = mTempStr.EndsWith(";");

        txtMirrorDist.AppendText(mTempStr.Split('=')[1].Replace(";", "").Trim());
        txtMirrorDist.AppendText(" = ");

        if (mAddSemicolon) txtMirrorDist.AppendText(" ;");