Reset Linux [ root ] password

from time to time I forget the password for [root] user in some of my Linux installations , and to reset the password I just follow these steps :

  1. Press F2 when the splash screen comes up
  2. A GRUB screen will display
  3. enter the letter “e” (without quotes)
  4. Using the arrow keys, move the cursor to the line for kernel
  5. Enter the letter ‘e’ again.
  6. You will see a command line
  7. After the last word/character append a space and the word single (single mode)
  8. Hit Enter
  9. Make sure the cursor is on the kernel line
  10. enter the letter ‘b’ (this will boot)
  11. System will load into single mode, should see
  12. Enter command  $ passwd root 
  13. Enter new password two times
  14. Enter exit (this will reboot)
  15. Test the new root password voila 🙂

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